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I thought this was the hardest thing ever this morning. GRRR reverse grip chin ups. Struggled! BUT 6:15 made it look like a vacation day. Way to go 6:15!
19:21 Rx/2 mats/ rx, then 1/2' band, then another 1/2'band. (and a prayer for forgiveness because my language was so bad this morning.)

It was so nice having your encouragement in class tonight Lisa!

14:31 Rx with 2 mats

I can't remember my time from last night, but it was close to the cap. RW weight and starting to need a band for pull ups, waaaaaaah!

Trish, such an inspiration last night with your HSPU!!!

Wow! Thank you Kelly! Thanks to Tracey and Lisa for the help and coaching me awe..... man I hope I can do it again and remember how to do them next time!

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