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I am having a baby boy!!!!!!!

I am so happy the WOD is posted, LOL

Ahhhh I am so excited for so many reasons!!! A boy for Kelly and John!!!! Wooohooooo!!! And a great WOD to boot!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!

Congratulations Kelly and John! Ileana, I think I can hear you cheering from here:)

Yeah!!! So glad that you got the news, Kelly! Oh yeah, the WOD is cool, too, lol.


Congratulations Kelly and John!!!

Congratulations Kelly and John!!!

Yeah Kelly and John, that's great news!!

Thank you everyone! We are so excited and happy to share it with our tCF family :)

This WOD though...TTB are getting to be too much for me! 14:52, only did 1/2 the TTB and did KTC for the other 1/2 (6 of each every round). Otherwise RX.

whatever Kelly! You are still killing it! so proud!

Yes!!! A BOY!!!! Congrats Kelly and John!!!

Great news, Kelly & John! Im so happy is a boy. He will mama's boy and will be lifting heavy stuff in no time ;-) I'm very happy for you!!!

Great news! So exciting! I'm sure he'll come out doing squats!!

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