Building Community & Being a Neighbor with Transform Business Ambassador: Emerald City Smoothie Issaquah


At Transform, we believe in building the community around us and we also believe in being a neighbor. Being a neighbor means you show up to take care of the people around you and go out of your way to be kind to others, not just when it’s convenient but because it’s the right thing to do in every situation.

We’ve been established in Issaquah for three years now and wanted to highlight some of the Transformers in our Issaquah Community. Someone who has been a neighbor to us, who has gone out of their way to support our business, and who always has shown up with good vibes.

Today, we spotlight transformer Randy Holguin and his Emerald City Smoothie Issaquah Team who is our first official Transform Business Ambassador.

We met Randy during our first year of opening in Issaquah, WA. Coach Adrianna is obsessed with smoothies and found herself becoming an ECS Issaquah regular quite fast. She would often coerce Coach Jaime, into taking a break from work to walk across the block to enjoy one of Randy’s tasty smoothies.

Over time and throughout the enjoyment of many smoothies, Jaime and Adrianna developed a friendship with Randy. Being small business owners, having a passion for health and wellness, supporting the local community, and loving the outdoors were just a few of the common interests they shared. That friendship quickly turned into a partnership and the support of each other’s businesses.

Randy has shown up with over a hundred smoothies to support Transform events including Memorial Day Murph, our Transform Field Day, Nutrition Challenge Party, and more. Whenever Transform puts on a challenge, he graciously donates gift cards to our prize winners. In addition, he extends a discount to Transform members on smoothies to help support their health and wellness and as a thank you for our community’s support of his shop. The best part about all of this is that he always has a desire to help, a smile on his face, and positive energy just like all his employees at ECS.

What do we learn from this? Being a neighbor and showing up to support the people in your community you care about always leads to something good. We’re grateful for the Transformers in our community like Randy from Emerald City Smoothie Issaquah and if you ever find yourself ordering a smoothie from him, get the Guava Sunrise (Adriana’s pick) or Maui Paradise (Jaime’s pick...which may or may not be from a secret menu...but you didn’t hear that from us!).

Side note: Transform Fitness members receive an exclusive discount on smoothies! Make sure to tell them you're from Transform on your next order!