Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements

What is CrossFit?

At Transform, we strive to create a unique fitness experience whether you are a beginner, looking for general fitness, or have a passion to compete. We all have personalized fitness goals which vary from weight loss to strength building, feeling good in your birthday suit or just being able to run around the park with your kids. We want to be able to help guide you through the functional and core movements of life including the squat, push, pull, press, stand, hold, and carry.

Your Transform Fitness experience will help you obtain measurable, observable, and repeatable results in an inclusive and empowering environment that respects your goals and capabilities. Each WOD (workout of the day) aims to incorporate functional movements at a high intensity preparing you to be adaptable to all aspects of life.

Here's what our members say

Cathy Do

Cathy D.

"Going to Transform is always the highlight at the end of my day. I don’t know what I would do without my gym fam! They encourage me to push myself and it has done so much for my physical and emotional health.

Elizabeth List weight lifting

Elizabeth L.

"Transform Fitness is my ME time. It's a time, separate from work and home, where I can focus on my fitness and health and hang out with some of the most supportive, fun people I've ever known. It's the only workout I've ever done, and I have done them ALL, where I don't leave anything behind. I leave Transform and feel like the absolute best version of myself."

Greg Nomura working out

Greg N.

"If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself in a safe, supportive environment, Transform Fitness is the place for you! The coaches adopt a “form first” mentality to prevent injuries and the community is extremely friendly and fun to be around. Come check us out!"

John Shaw

John S.

"I came to Transform Fitness after two pretty bad back injuries. The coaches calmed my nerves about the CrossFit Stigma "everyone gets hurt" and instead focused my early workouts toward building core strength and protecting myself. Today, I feel better than I have in 10 years and can't speak highly enough about the gym, coaches, and classmates I share the 6:30 am class with. It's more than just working out it's about building friendships and staying healthy. I highly recommend Transform Fitness."

Kevin Forman at Transform CrossFit

Kevin F.

"Transform CrossFit has been a great welcome to my life. They have flexible schedules and the 5:30 am class has been part of my family for several years. The workouts are scalable for different genders and abilities, which means anyone can participate. Saturday morning’s partner workouts are a blast. Come join me.” Kevin Foreman. Married. 4 Kids. Born 30B B.I. (Before Internet)"

Sara Sager at Transform CrossFit

Sara S.

"I go to Transform Fitness because it encompasses everything a gym should be and more, the coaches are great, the people are so kind and welcoming and the facility/equipment is very clean and of the best quality. I know that when I go I will not only get a great workout in but will also be welcomed by everyone around me.

Sally M. Testimonial

Sally M.

I have been involved in CrossFit at this location for many years and have seen many members, coaches and owners come and go. I can honestly say that this is one of the strongest communities with the strongest and most dedicated coaches and owners I’ve experienced so far. The community crosses all age ranges and all skill levels which the coaches embrace wholeheartedly. The owner, Jaime, is constantly trying to stay one step ahead by researching new ways to improve the gym making the experience more valuable to its members. The coaches are great at working with individuals and their personal goals whether that is simply getting in a good workout or wanting to compete in CrossFit or lifting competitions. The coaches are also active members outside of CrossFit from triathlons to mountain biking to snowboarding. It is a great place to train…..if you take the time to walk in and speak to one of the coaches you will understand.

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