Sweat & Strength

It's like boot camp but better

What is Sweat & Strength?

Sweat & Strength is an entry level program designed for those who want to jump right into fitness and enjoy a high intensity workout complemented with stretching, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. In short, this is your power hour to get sweaty and strong with less emphasis on technical movements. Come sweat with us!


Here's what our members say

Keli Reagan sweat & strength bootcamp

Keli R.

“At Transform Fitness we are a community that supports, empowers, and encourages one another. Such a great group of people and we have a ton of fun too. So get off your butt, stop making excuses, and come join us! The only thing you will regret is not giving it a try sooner!"

Swati Padmaraj

Swati P.

"Coach Jaime and my Sweat & Strength gals are my new friends and I look forward to meeting them every week for our WODs. I like the community feeling of Transform Fitness. The members have become my extended family. I would truly recommend Transform Fitness to anyone looking for lifestyle fitness!"

Tracy Cameron

Tracy C.

"Coach Jaime is amazing, the members are super supportive, and I have a great time while putting in the work. The strength and endurance I’ve gained has been life-changing."

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