Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your Car Clean

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in your car?

A study conducted by Cooper Tire concluded that the average American spends eighteen days driving per year with an average of eight hours and twenty-two minutes per week! Thanks to Transform Business Ambassador Blake’s Mobile Detailing, we have some #lifehacks to help keep your car clean in addition to some important tips on maintenance.

Tools to have handy:

  1. Quality microfiber towels (300GSM)
  2. Great all surface cleaner
  3. Great water-based conditioner (to prevent cracking)
  4. Shop Vacuum

Tips for proper car maintenance:

  • Hand wash: much safer, long-term preservation of paint, ensure all areas get clean, 3 bucket method to guarantee no cross-contamination, fun!
  • Machine wash: very harmful to the entire vehicle, micro scratching introduced after just one visit (swirls), no bucket method with a guarantee of cross-contamination, no fun!
  • It’s a great idea to keep two quality towels along with a small bottle of all surface cleaner in your car
  • A great vacuum goes a long way
  • Address major spills as soon as possible, some stains if settled, can permanently become imbedded into fibers of carpet or plastics
  • Wax car often after washing to keep the paint healthy
  • Keep door sills free of debris to prevent water from entering into the vehicle’s carpets

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