Transform Business Ambassador: Blake's Mobile Detail


You may be asking yourself? What is the Transform Ambassador Program and what does car detailing have to do with fitness?

To answer your first question: We believe in the value of "being a neighbor" and building the community around us. The Transform Business Ambassador Program supports and empowers local, small businesses with our community in any way that we can. Thanks to our partners, Transform Fitness members get 10% off of their services, just for being a member. #perks

To answer the second question: We have no clue how fitness and car detailing correlates, but who doesn't like a squeaky clean ride???

Now that you're caught up, we'd like to introduce Transform Business Ambassador Blake Pipkin, Owner of Blake’s Mobile Detailing.

Blake grew up in North Bend and attended college in Ellensburg, WA. After pursuing his degree in Clinical Physiology and becoming a personal trainer, he used his skills from his business fraternity to start his mobile detail business. Blake started his mobile detailing business in April of 2017. Blake first began working out of his Honda civic, filled with everything from cleaning supplies to a generator. Two months later he was able to purchase his van and gain the ability to serve his clients the way he wanted. The beginning was rough, but the passion for success fueled Blake to push past challenges because in his eyes business ownership was the only way to go. Blake was able to attend an extensive detail course where he furthered his knowledge and became a certified auto detailer. He continues to build his business so that in the future he can add a shop to the mobile detailing where larger jobs can be completed. Blake understands the level of care each vehicle needs and the respect each owner deserves.

When Coach Jaime bought his truck he refused to ever take it through a regular car wash. Since the gym keeps him quite busy, he decided it was time to find someone with the knowledge, tools and time to help give his car some love. That’s when he found Blake. Coach Adrianna got a little jealous of Jaime’s squeaky clean car and thanks to Blake, her exterior and heads lights came back to life after all the commuting between Seattle and Spokane.

You'll find that Blake’s attention to detail (pun intended) and incredible customer service are unmatched. When was the last time you gave your car some love??? If you don’t remember…it’s time.

If you’re not convinced, look at these before and after pictures and tell us you’re not satisfied.

Check out his Instagram or website and give him a call.

Welcome to the Transform Business Ambassador Team Blake & Blake’s Mobile Detailing!

Instagram: @blakesmobiledetail
Facebook: Blakes's Mobile Detail
Phone: (425) 736-2888

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