Transform Business Ambassador: Restore Hyper Wellness


We are excited to announce Restore Hyper Wellness as a Transform Business Ambassador.

Restore's mission is to help people DO MORE.

"We are the passage for all things wellness. We make wellness affordable and accessible to everyone. Hyper Wellness is a lifestyle that improves the lives of our customers. Because wellness shouldn’t be restricted."

Check out their amazing services and don't forget, Transform members get 15%!  Our coaches' pick would be Whole Body Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy to enhance recovery, especially after a competition or hero WOD like Memorial Day Murph.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Everyone can benefit from whole body cryotherapy. The 3-minute treatment reduces inflammation and releases endorphins that help alleviate pain, boost energy and metabolism, and increase the body’s natural healing abilities.

From the elite athlete in training, the weekend warrior wanting recovery, the post-op patient trying to supplement PT, to the person that is in chronic pain looking for an alternative form of relief


• Release of Endorphins
• Increased Metabolism
• Decrease in Joint and Muscle Pain

Cryotherapy Facials

Cryotherapy facials use pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors applied to the face and neck to stimulate the production of collagen and decrease pore size.

The facial increases blood circulation to produce a tighter, more even skin tone. At Restore we find that cryofacials can produce a myriad of benefits that range from calming inflamed acne to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles with an increase in collagen production.


• Relaxes Irritated Skin
• Reduces Pore Size
• Raises Collagen Production

Local Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. As opposed to whole body cryotherapy which stimulates cold receptors all over the body, local is comparable to icing, which isolates a particular area to trigger an anti-inflammatory response.

A local area treatment generally takes about 5-10 minutes. Based on client feedback, we are confident that the benefits outweigh those of traditional at home icing and could decrease recovery time.


• Decrease Inflammation
• Reduce Swelling
• Increase Mobility

IV Drip Therapy

An estimated 75% of Americans are in a state of chronic dehydration. Many people drink far less water than their body needs, preferring soda and other beverages, which can contribute to dehydration.

Proper hydration is essential for digestion, detoxification of the liver and kidneys, and waste removal. Without it, people face medical complications such as fatigue, headaches, joint pain, ulcers, weight gain, high blood pressure, and kidney issues.

We also offer a comprehensive micronutrient test, that gives us insight into what your body is deficient in. After we gather the test results, our medical team formulates custom drips based upon your deficiencies, leading to a healthier you.

Our IV drip program is the perfect way to ensure your body is given the essential nutrients it needs.


  • 100% Bioavailable directly into your bloodstream compared to the 15-20% bioavailability of oral administration
  • Nearly immediate results
  • Effective hydration and custom cocktails of vitamins and minerals

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHbOT) is a noninvasive therapy method that has users lie in a comfortable pressurized chamber while breathing 90% – 95% pure oxygen. The excess pressure causes the blood plasma, all of your cells, tissues, and fluids to hold up to 10 times more oxygen than the normal concentration. With more oxygen, all of your cells can produce energy more effectively, and your body can heal itself in profound ways.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to heal traumatic brain injuries, help fight off cancer, and heal tissue that is generally slow to recover. mHbOT is a relaxing way to ensure wellness, longevity, and recover from serious conditions.


  • Tissue Healing
  • Blood Flow
  • Antioxidants
  • Infection Defence
  • Increase Oxygen
  • Improves Sleep

Photobiomodulation Therapy

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy uses near infrared (NIR) light to reduce pain, inflammation and edema, and drastically aid recovery. PBM therapy works at the cellular level, stimulating repair and normalizing cell function. The therapeutic use of visible and NIR light has been studied for almost forty years. Over 600 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) have been published using PBM devices, and the technology has been featured in over 4,000 laboratory studies. PBM is used in thousands of clinics, hospitals and elite sports institutions in over 70 nations.

Our state of the art NovoTHOR PBMT and Joovv devices deliver only red and near infrared wavelengths. These are non-ionizing wavelengths, meaning they do not damage cells, but instead stimulate repair. PBMT does not heat tissue, it does, however, increase circulation so a warming sensation is often experienced.

Acute injuries and inflammation from muscle strains and sprains, cuts, bruises, burns, etc. typically show very rapid improvement and can resolve in 2-4 treatments. Long-term, chronic conditions can take as little as 12 sessions to see significant benefits. Minimum interval recommendation is 2-3 times per week until your goals are met, then 1-2 times per week for ongoing maintenance. For individuals who exercise frequently or at high levels, 3-5 times per week is recommended for optimal recovery.


  • Heal Tissue
  • Manage Pain
  • Improve Mood & Brain Health

Compression Therapy

The NormaTec Recovery System helps maximize recovery for both athletes and non-athletes. Using sequential pulse technology, NormaTec synergistically combines three distinct techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. Through these mechanisms, the NormaTec Recovery System maximizes circulation throughout the body to help you feel better, train harder, and recover faster.


  • Increased Flexibility
  • Blood Flow
  • Reduced Soreness


Stretch+ is comprised of individuals that come from all different backgrounds – strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, athletic trainers, aspiring occupational and physical therapists, as well as yoga instructors.

We are a collective group of people that pride ourselves on two values: educating customers so they feel empowered to make decisions and creating an environment where people feel restored. While we offer many cutting-edge services that will get people coming through the door, it is the people that drive business and keeps customers coming back. Our mobility specialists play a vital role in that culture.

At Stretch+ we are doing more than providing assisted stretching. We are helping customers understand their bodies, giving them an opportunity to unplug from their stressful day, and allowing them to quiet their minds. There is a huge psychological component to stretching that we acknowledge. This goes back to creating an environment where people feel restored – this is the culture of Stretch+.


  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Assist in reducing back pain
  • Encourage body awareness
  • Enhance physical fitness
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Foster physical and mental relaxation

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Our infrared sauna is similar to a traditional sauna, but it uses infrared light to heat you directly instead of heating the air. The result is a much more comfortable experience. Saunas help rid the body of toxins while cleansing the skin with excess sweating, increase circulation to facilitate better recovery, release heat shock proteins to promote muscle growth due to heat stress, and increase your body’s time to fatigue resulting in increased endurance. Additionally, heat stress causes your body to release the same chemical that causes "the runner’s high." Saunas are an easy way to boost performance while relaxing.

Our Sauna also comes equipped with a chromotherapy light. Chromotherapy is used in hospitals to help manage depression that comes from seasonal affective disorder, but our light also cycles through different colors to produce different effects. We can increase circulation and sweating, or set it to more calming colors. Our infrared sauna sessions only take 30 minutes to feel completely rejuvenated.


  • Increased skin health
  • Detox & improved blood circulation
  • Joint & muscle pain relief
  • Weight loss & metabolism boost
  • Improves sleep
  • Athletic recovery
  • Assist in reducing back pain

Cryoskin Therapy

The latest in advanced technology from Paris offers the most advanced non-invasive treatment solution for slimming and toning. If you’re looking to lose fat on your stomach, thighs, arms or back, this is the solution for you.


  • Non-invasive
  • No skin damage
  • No discomfort
  • No recovery time


HydraFacial uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and, the spiral design delivers painless extractions. The spiral design of HydroPeel® Tips, used in conjunction with the HydraFacial proprietary vacuum technology and serums, creates a vortex effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions.

Optional boosters:

  • Britenol to target dark sun spots
  • Growth factor to boost collagen and elastin production
  • Dermabuilder to reduce fine lines/wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity

Biomarker Assessment: InnerBalance & Cellular Health
At Restore Hyper Wellness we’re all about optimizing your innerBalance through the four pillars of cellular health: repair, protection, exercise, and fuel. So what's innerBalance? The most optimized state of the body. From nutrients to enzymes to hormones, maintaining innerBalance is essential for key functions like regulating metabolism, cognitive health, and immunity.

Here's a link to their website and services.

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