Virtual Programming

Can't make it to the gym? No problem we got you covered!

We offer two different virtual programs



FLEX is a functional strength and full-body bodybuilding program. The goal is simple…LOOK amazing, FEEL amazing, and HAVE A BLAST while doing it. This is slightly different than our CrossFit program as we trade out some intensity and testing for a little more burn and aesthetics. Instead of the “prepared for anything” mentality of CrossFit, we aim for a “WOW you look amazing” vibe. FLEX delivers a great workout every single time. Workouts are designed on a 90-minute timeline.



CrossFit is our high-intensity functional training program built for maximum results and maximum variety. Workouts combine high-powered functional movements with a variety of strength, weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning. Workouts are designed on a 60-minute timeline.
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