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We are Issaquah's premier training facility; making fitness fun, attainable & tailored to your goals. We don't want to just transform your health, we want to enhance your quality of life. Our expert coaches provide diverse classes in our clean, conveniently located & family-friendly space. Classes include Metcon45, Sweat & Strength, yoga, personal training, endurance training, Olympic weightlifting. Regardless of your background, we are committed to making your experience amazing. Come check out our space, talk with the coaches, participate in a class, and experience the community at Transform Fitness.

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All the classes you need to transform your life and exceed your fitness goals

Here's what others are saying

Isabel weight lifting

Isabel V.

Starting my journey in CrossFit at Transform has been amazing. The quality of workouts are great and the coaches and community is what has kept me coming back. Going to the box has become a daily therapy for me. There is no judgement and level of support from everyone is not something you find everywhere. I’ve grown in not only fitness but in all areas of my life; This is why I love Transform!

Wade Sugiyama

Wade S.

In my opinion, fitness should be about courage, community and belonging, and learning new things about yourself. And that's exactly the type of atmosphere that Transform has created. A safe place that welcomes, encourages, and celebrates the fitness achievements of people from all walks of life.

Tracy Cameron

Tracy C.

Why do I do CrossFit? When my kids are home I can play with them, run with them, pick them up and throw them around and I feel strong and full of energy. That's why. Having an amazing coach helps too.

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