Transform Business Ambassador: Tranquil and Pure Bodywork


Research has shown the effectiveness of massage therapy for a variety of conditions, including

  • Cancer-related fatigue8
  • Low back pain9
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee10
  • Reducing post-operative pain11
  • Boosting the body’s immune system functioning12
  • Decreasing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome13
  • Lowering blood pressure14
  • Reducing headache frequency15
  • Easing alcohol withdrawal symptoms17
  • Decreasing pain in cancer patients17
  • Fibromyalgia18

We are so excited to welcome our next Transform Business Ambassador, Julie Dubravetz, from Tranquil and Pure Bodywork.

Julie graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1996 and has worked in a variety of settings. In, 1998 she took the leap to start her own practice. Since that time, she has been working with clients seeking massage therapy for a variety of reasons, including car accident injuries, repetitive use injuries, chronic headaches and/or pain, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, stress relief, and self-care.

Julie has received training in many different techniques such as trigger point, repetitive use injury treatment, deep tissue, and facilitated stretching. She believes that healing through bodywork requires a therapist to utilize a multitude of modalities, not just one, and that healing can only be achieved in collaboration with a client. She also believes that it is critical for therapists to consider the whole person, including the mind and body, and the experiences of both when designing a treatment plan for a client. Julie relies on her experience and intubation to inform her bodywork and always keeps the needs of her clients foremost in her mind.

Coach Adrianna has been going to Julie for a while now, specifically for deep tissue massage. It's hard to find a great therapist, and Julie has worked wonders for her back and neck tension.

Visit Julie's website to book! She has a variety of hours and is located five minutes from Transform Fitness. Transform members also receive an exclusive discount on cash-pay services.

545 Rainier Blvd N
(Lower Level; entrance at back of building)
Issaquah, WA 98027

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