Prioritizing Health & Wellness

Coach Shaina

WHAT do we mean when we say ‘prioritize health & wellness?’

The ‘WHY’ is obvious: longevity. You should always start with yourself (WHO), but maybe you’re also role modeling for your children, aging parents, or significant other… we teach what we practice.

HOW is where most people get stuck.

Seven habit-building techniques I learned from 'Atomic Habits'

  1. Change the mindset and the environment.
  2. Enjoy the ride, and don't sweat too much over the goal.
  3. Habit stacking.
  4. Be specific about when you do your habit thing.
  5. Don't expect too much progress too quickly.
  6. Never miss twice.
  7. Abandon building a habit if it doesn't stick.

Maybe you’re having difficulty prioritizing your afternoon class time because family activities run over. Try joining a morning class to change the environment (or vice versa). 

If you can get 1% better every day for a year, you’ll end up 37% better. Focus on the task at hand rather than the big picture. Don’t ruminate about all the movements at once; move through the one you’re on, and move well, with intention.

Have a secondary goal? Or know there are habits you could do better with? For me, hydration is a big one (or just consuming more water than coffee most days). I’ll combine #3 & 4 here. I started by making sure I had a drink of water next to my bed so that it’d be the first thing I did when I woke up each morning. I staked that by finishing 20 oz of water while my coffee was brewing… 32 oz for every coaching block… and 20 oz at least an hour before bed… you get the point, but I see a lot of monthly goals about water intake 😉

Progress over perfection means breaking down our goals into manageable tasks and taking consistent action toward them. Never miss twice. Did you read that as never taking two rest days in a row? Well, you’re wrong… especially if you’re sick or injured, always prioritize healing. Keep it simple. Go for a longer walk, do some mobility, and pick a bodyweight movement or two for a quick Tabata. Movement is movement.

If we keep it simple, focus on one at a time, and build a routine, we shouldn’t ever need to abandon our habits. If you feel like you’ve already abandoned your habit, see #1.

Last but not least, WHERE. At Transform Fitness, of course.

-Coach Shaina


Atomic Habits by James Clear